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Toroidal transformer replacement

So you are still running your Nakamichi Deck with a step-up / step-down transformer?


This is an old problem with some decks bought in the US (110VAC) and used in Europe (230VAC) or vice-versa, because not all decks were made with multi-voltage transformers!

Running these decks with a step-up / step-down transformer is annoying, as extra cabling and space are needed.

The nice guys at NAKS.ES have designed a brand-new, made-to-order toroidal transformer to fit many Nakamichi models:

  • Model 1: Fits at least 1000ZXL & Limited, ZX7, ZX9, RX Series, LX Series. Probably more decks can be used with this one.
  • Model 2: Fits CR-7 CR-5 Models. Probably more decks can be used with this one.

Do you need a bespoke transformer for another deck? No problem, we will work with you to meet your exact needs.

Our transformers are dual input voltage, pin to pin compatible with the decks. This means the units will be 0-115-230V, so they should be good worldwide!

Price includes super-fast shipping & delivery by courier.

Some of the advantages are:

  • Get rid of the pre-transformer – forever, these units are multi-voltage!
  • Toroidal transformers are more efficient than isolated core.
  • The transformer is easy to fit, it is more compact that an E core equivalent, so there are more mounting options – it will fit inside your deck!
  • Low dispersion field, lower noise. Get better performance!
Toroidal transformer replacement

The Model 1 and Model 2 transformers are 80€ + Shipping by TNT/Fedex. Please contact me at for shipping costs.

Customer feedback

Our customer and friend Andrea E. from Italy has been very kind and has sent a couple of pics of the toroidal transformer installation on a Nakamichi ZX-7, it looks very neat and is a great fit.

In his own words:

“Hello Luis,

finally i found time to install transformer in my Naka ZX-7 and all is OK!!
I installed with an aluminium plate I realised ad hoc and screws.
I send u photos with my obvious permission if u would publish them in your website. Thank u very much!!

Thank you very much for the feedback Andrea, it is really great to see happy decks and customer around the world!

Hello Luis,

today i’ve installed your new trans on my LX5,

as usual all is perfect and the deck functions very well.

Send u two photos…as usual if u would publish in your website feel
free to do it 😉

Thanks a lot.