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Toroidal transformer replacement

So you are still running your nakamichi deck with a step-up / step-down transformer?


Technical details:
Primary: 0-115-230V
Secondary: 2.5-0-2.5V
Secondary: 14-0-14V

Yes, this is an old problem with some decks, bought in US (110VAC) and used in Europe (230VAC) or vice-versa, because not all decks were made with multi voltage transformers!

Running these decks in with a step-up / step-down transformer is really annoying, and extra cabling and space is needed.

The nice guys at Peebles Audio Engineering (we) have designed a brand new, made-to-order Toroidal Transformers, to fit older Nakamichi Models. The model currently under testing will fit at least these models: 1000ZXL, ZX7, ZX9, RX505. They will be dual voltage, pin to pin compatible with these decks. This means the units will be 0-115-230V, so they should be good World Wide!

Some of the advantages are:

  • Get rid of the pre-transformer – for ever, these units are multi-voltage!
  • Toroidal transformers are more efficient than isolated core
  • The transformer is more compact that an E core equivalent, so mounting options are greater – it will fit inside your deck!
  • Low dispersion field, lower noise. Get better performance!
  • Easy to fit: It will fit inside your deck, and comes with the exact same color code as the original!
Toroidal transformer replacement

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Customer feedback

Our customer and friend Andrea E. from Italy, has been very kind and has sent a couple of pics of the toroidal installation on a Nakamichi ZX-7, it looks very neat and is a great fit.

In his own words:

“Hello Luis,

finally i found time to install transformer in my Naka ZX-7 and all is OK!!
I installed with an aluminium plate I realised ad hoc and screws.
I send u photos with my obvious permission if u would publish them in your website. Thank u very much!!

Thank you very much for the feedback Andrea, it is really great to see happy decks and customer around the world!