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Calibration Tapes FAQ

Now some frequently asked questions:

How good is this set of tapes?

They are not the originals, but definitively quite as goods, and certainly excellent for bringing back to life miss-aligned decks. Read customer’s feedback hereunder!

Is this all I need to calibrate my deck?

No. You need more gear. At least a Digital Multimeter, and service manual for your deck. The calibration manual I provide here can serve you as a guide only. I can also provide an electronic copy of the Service Manual for most decks. Please bear in mind this is not a product provided in this sale nor it’s a freebie, only a service to my customers.

What if it doesn’t work for me? Can you provide technical support?

The tapes do work for you and everybody else. Sometimes you may have questions, and I would definitively try to help via email on a best effort basis. Other than this, I can take your deck for service.

Are this tapes good for my Nakamichi cassette deck Model XYZ?

Certainly, they are. These tapes are good for ALL Nakamichi cassette decks.

Are this tapes good for my cassette deck brand X?

Yes, they are. Well mostly. Track alignment and azimuth are common to the cassette standard, so they will be good. 3KHz speed cassette is good too, because speed is also a standard. 400Hz level tape may not suit your brand X, as this a Nakamichi standard. For example, Yamaha decks use a different level reference, so this one should not be used on Yamahas.

Are these tapes full track?

No, they are 2 track recordings.

Is the 1Khz tape an intra-track recording like the Nakamichi original?

No. It is a 2 track recording – this is why you need to look for maximum output, not minimum.

Playback head height (track alignment) should be adjusted to obtain MAXIMUM (not minimum) readings at output terminal. This puts the deck in the same track alignment position as the original Nakamichi test tape.

How much are they?

This calibration tapes and Test Tone Set are yours for only 85€, plus S&H, 5EUR to western europe, 10EUR elsewhere. Please use the PAYPAL button above!

How much is shipping and handling? Can I pick them up? Can you ship via (your-favourite-courier-here)?

You are welcome to pick them up in Madrid. Other way, I can ship worldwide for 10€. Other courier express methods available on request. Please note: Even though it has not yet happened, I can not (never ever) be liable for items lost in post. If you don’t agree with this, please do not buy. Should you need to track the shipment or want insurance, please contact me. I can also arrange to have it shipped by the courier of your choice (like DHL or UPS), please ask before buying!

When will my tapes arrive?

Tapes are made to order. Usually recording is completed in the next 2 – 3 business days. They are then brought to shipping dept. and to the post office in another 1-2 business days. Parcels then usually reach Western Europe within a week, rest of Europe in about 10 days, and rest of the world before 2 weeks. Your mileage may (will) vary.

What’s in the package?

Two alignment cassettes, a Test Tone link to download the tone set, and a measured performance document.

I would also need a set of belts / parts, and a Service Manual for my deck. Can you help?

Yes, I can source belts for your deck, and sometimes other parts. Please contact me at luis at and we will discuss the matter. Should you need a Service Manual, I can provide an electronic copy of the Service Manual for most decks – not all. This is not a product provided in this sale, only a service to my customers.

I see a lot of gear, decks and more on the pictures. Are they included in the sale?

No. Scopes, decks, gauges, original calibration tapes, or any other gear or goods are NOT INCLUDED in this sale. Read “What’s in the package?” above.

I have several other questions regarding my cassette deck. Can you help?

I will gladly try to help, or redirect your questions to the appropriate forums and mailing lists. Some of the most common Nakamichi Cassette Decks’ problems an solutions, can be found in my Nakamichi pages, at You are also encouraged to join the NakTalk mailing list. Please visit

These tapes are defective! I can’t hear anything recorded on the 15KHz tape!

The tape is – most probably – good. Your deck is probably way off azimuth, so no signal is read – or heard. Besides, if you see the meters moving but still can’t hear the tone, it could be you simply can’t hear up to 15KHz – something that happens after a certain age.

Just one time, the tapes were damaged while in transit. Even though it is not my responsability, nor I can be blamed for it, I will gladly remaster the tape for free if you ship it back to me. Return postage applies.

Thanks for looking!