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Restoring the monster (1000-ZXL)

This is my repaired to “as new condition”1000-ZXL.
I welcome myself into the “I Restored a Nak-1000 ZXL and survived” hall of fame.

These are the faults I found:

  1. No meters.
  2. Bad dynamics on meter after PP caps replacement
  3. Bad 400Hz tone (PP cap problem)
  4. No FF, REW or PLAY, because of idler tyre
  5. Hi W&F, needed new belts.
  6. Worn pressure rollers / guides, out of alignment
  7. Hardened grease, and oil spill all over mech.
  8. Damaged (chipped) erase head

These are the repairs I had to do:


  1. Orange PP caps replaced in all boards.
  2. Troubleshoot meter dynamics: Bad CMOS Switch on Display board was replaced.
  3. Troubleshoot az. adjustment: Bad Flip-Flop on logic board replaced
  4. Full electronic calibration
  5. Heads demagnetized.


  1. Change idler tyre & belts
  2. Clean old grease, relubbe.
  3. Fit new erase head, rollers, guides.
  4. Full mech. alignment


  1. Wood cabinet sent for full restoration (no Pics available yet)